Phoenix (March 11,2016) Every night 600 to 800 youth sleep on the streets of our Valley out of sight and out of mind of most people but the cameras of Channel 12 photographer Keith Richie sought out these youth in crisis and brought them to the attention of the viewers of Channel 12 news.   Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development was recognized by channel 12 with their 12 Who Care award which named Tumbleweed the non profit of the month.  In case you missed it here is the link to the story.

Arizona Midday Host Destry Jetton Presents “12 Who Care” award to Ken Lynch Chief Communications Officer

The channel 12 team of Producer Emily Hopwood and Photographer Keith Richie spent nearly four weeks going behind the scenes of Tumbleweed meeting youth who have been helped by Tumbleweed staffers and volunteers.  They also recognized some of the many people who volunteer their time just to do good and help these youth who are struggling to find their way in the world.

Tumbleweed is also benefiting from a spot on the “12 Who Care” web site as well as a 30-second Public Service Announcement that is airing throughout March. In June, Tumbleweed will join other “12 Who Care” honorees at a luncheon, where KPNX will present a $1200 donation.

Tumbleweed was nominated to the “12 Who Care” selection committee by Valley Metro Light Rail, whose stations include Safe Place youth-only emergency call boxes supported by Tumbleweed.

Tumbleweed would like to thank Valley Metro Light Rail for nominating us as one of the “12 Who Care” charities. We would also like to thank Channel 12 TV for show casing us on their newscast.