Out-Patient Counseling

 Out-Patient Counseling

N/A – Outpatient Counseling is a service component available to all clients of Tumbleweed’s programs and community members offered contingent upon a youth (ages 11 to 18) with behavioral problems and accompanied by a stable caregiver.

Population served: at risk youth ages 11 to 18 and their families
Average number of youth served yearly: 50

Behavioral Health Licensed Outpatient Counseling Services: Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a researched based, “best practice” model of therapy that provides family intervention services to youth and their families. Services can be home-based or in-office. FFT trained therapists provide this intensive family counseling to the families of youth placed in Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development programs and to youth referred from the community. Tumbleweed received its Office of Behavioral Health Licensure, Outpatient Services License in May of 2005.

Current Program Goals:

The goals of the Outpatient Clinic are to intervene with at risk youth who are experiencing abuse, neglect or incorrigibility at home and are at risk for out-of-home placement. FFT also works with youth returning home from juvenile incarceration or group home placement to increase the successful transition back into the community. Functional Family Therapy has been shown to reduce violence and recidivism in youth and families. Because all family members are invited to attend, FFT also provides benefits to the siblings of the adolescent client.

Staff Quote:

FFT works with youth with moderate to severe problems in the community. I have seen it bring hope and new skills to families that have given up on themselves and on each other. Every youth deserves a family that can support and guide them.– Laura DeBlank, Clinical Director, Tumbleweed

Client Quote:

I truly appreciate your time and guidance. I will definitely remember your training on parenting skills. The time spent with us was well worth it. – Client

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