Service Agencies

 Concilio Latino de Salud

Average number of youth served yearly:
139 Tumbleweed Clients

The Concilio Latino de Salud project provides Tumbleweed youth HIV and substance abuse prevention services. Concilio leads this Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) grant for homeless, GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning) and delinquent youth. The collaboration has developed strategies to respond to the lack of integrated HIV prevention, substance abuse prevention and mental health among targeted adolescents based on needs assessed and the commitment to find innovative ways to integrate available HIVP/SAP services with mental health services.

  Devereux Arizona

Devereux Arizona provides an array of behavioral health and social welfare services for children, adolescents and families.

Treatment plans emphasize the importance and involvement of the client's family. We serve children, adolescents, and families in our outpatient offices, in their homes, in school, after school, in group homes, in therapeutic foster care homes and in residential treatment centers, offering various levels of treatment intensity in age-specific programs.

A multidisciplinary team approach is utilized with an emphasis on cognitive, behavioral, developmental and family systems treatment orientations. We provide optimal opportunities for therapeutic change, by offering a comprehensive range of treatment services. With a commitment to advanced treatment programs, and dedication to ongoing staff training, we are able to offer a unique continuum of behavioral health and social welfare services. All programs are aimed at facilitating change both individually and within the family to allow the client to function successfully in his/her community.

 Family Builders

Location:Administered from 950 W. Indian School Road, Phoenix, Arizona


Population served:homeless or impoverished youth (and their families) ages 9 to 22

Average number of youth served yearly: 30 families

 Free Arts of Arizona

Free Arts of Arizona is a nonprofit organization that brings the healing powers of the creative arts to abused, neglected and homeless children by partnering with over 100 group homes, treatment centers and shelters in Maricopa County.

By recruiting creative volunteers to share their talents in the visual arts, music, theater, dance, creative writing and other artistic projects, Free Arts of Arizona helps children build self-esteem by unlocking their imaginations.

Many of the children we serve have been removed from their families due to abuse or neglect, and have been placed by the state into a group home. Still other children live with one parent in a domestic violence shelter or both parents in a homeless shelter. Some children live in residential treatment centers where they work to conquer painful issues of physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse, and violence.

All of the children need the chance to express their hopes, fears, frustrations, and emotions.

The creative arts give children a way to identify their emotions and express them through a positive medium. The creative arts give children the tools they need to improve self-esteem and social skills. The creative arts give children a voice.


Goodwill Industries is all about people working.

We are North America’s leading nonprofit provider of education, training, and career services for people with disadvantages, such as welfare dependency, homelessness, and lack of education or work experience, as well as those with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. Last year, local Goodwills collectively provided employment and training services to more than 930,775 individuals.

We believe that work has the power to transform lives by building self-confidence, independence, creativity, trust and friendships. Everyone deserves a chance to have these.

Goodwill provides that chance.

“Friends of Goodwill, be dissatisfied with your work until every handicapped and unfortunate person in your community has an opportunity to develop to his fullest usefulness and enjoy a maximum of abundant living.”    
— Dr. Edgar J. Helms, 1941

Goodwill Industries International enhances the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families, and communities by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people in need reach their fullest potential through the power of work.

Every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.

Respect - We treat all people with dignity and respect.

Stewardship - We honor our heritage by being socially, financially, and environmentally responsible.

Ethics - We Strive to meet the highest ethical standards

Learning - We challenge each other to strive for excellence and to continually learn.

Innovation - We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity and change.

 Protecting Arizona's Family Coalition (PAFCO)

The Protecting Arizona's Family Coalition (PAFCO) is a historic, diverse, non-partisan alliance of social services, health, community service agencies, advocacy groups, citizen advocacy, and faith-based associations. Hundreds of social, health, and community services agencies, human services groups, citizen action and advocacy groups, and faith-based congregations are represented in the Coalition. The Coalition members include an estimated 20,000 staff, board members and volunteers serving over 1.5 million people. PAFCO was formed to stop drastic budget cuts to health and human services and urge better options to these budget cuts.

 Safe Place

Safe Place was recently added to the Community Partners continuum of care in the fall of 2005. Project Safe Place is a nationally known organization that provides access to immediate help and supportive resources for young people in crisis through a network of sites sustained by qualified agencies, trained volunteers and businesses. YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, QuickTrip convenience stores, other businesses all serve as Safe Place sites in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Any youth under 18, who is having problems at home, suffering from abuse or neglect, lost or in some dangerous situation on the street, with a drunk or unsafe driver, or just needs someone to talk to about a problem can go the nearest Safe Place site. The store employee will stay with the youth while s/he calls Tumbleweed who will come to the place of business to assess the needs of the youth and offer Tumbleweed’s services.

Current Program Goals: Safe Place needs to hire a Safe Place Coordinator, reach a minimum of 7,500 youth in school or community presentations, distribute 17,500 information cards and conduct inspections at all Safe Place sites (a minimum of one time each).

Client Story: Shortly after Safe Place agency coordinators returned from their national training in Kentucky they received their first Safe Place call for a runaway teen stranded here in Phoenix. The National office initially received the call from the runaway who was stranded, and informed the teen local Safe Place staff would be there to assist her. Our staff arrived at the local Greyhound Station here in Phoenix and was able to assist the runaway teen with a bus ticket home with the help of a very supportive Terminal Manager. The young teen made it home safely!

 Sojourner Center
Sojourner Center was founded in 1977 as an emergency program for women who had recently been released from prison. A passionate group of twelve visionaries recognized that women who were leaving the criminal justice system rarely had the skills or support to be successful in the outside world. Sojourner Center provided a temporary home as well as programs that taught self-sufficiency, empowerment and family skills which helped the women re-enter society and rebuild their lives.

Since the doors of Sojourner Center opened in 1977, the facility has grown from an older home with only 28 beds to a 124 bed Heritage Campus with a 120 bed Hope Campus in addition to 15 transitional apartments. Nine of the transitional apartments are located at Sojourner Center's new Transitional Family Living Campus located near the main campus. Once the new campus is complete it will house 29 apartment units, a community clubhouse, an education center, and a donation and resource facility. Sojourner Center is the largest shelter in Arizona and one of the largest in the United States. As a direct result of its capacity, Sojourner Center is able to serve over 2,000 women and children annually

 Southwest Behavioral Health Services

General Mental Health Counseling
Outpatient individual and group counseling services are available for a variety of behavioral health problems experienced by children, adults and families. These services are designed to assist with daily living stressors such as relationships, divorce, grief and loss, loneliness, anxiety and depression, sexual victimization, parenting, school and career adjustment difficulties, hyperactivity, and others.

Substance Abuse Programs
Southwest Behavioral Health Services’ substance abuse programs focus on outpatient care for alcohol and drug abusers and their families through individual, group and family therapy.

Services we provide include. Counseling through group, family, and individual formats. Direct Support/Skills Training for individuals and groups. Case Management is to assist with accessing community resources. Home-Based Counseling is provided for eligible families who live in our service area. Group Counseling is provided for people with similar types of problems.

 Valley of the Sun United Way, Committed to  Results that Matter

Valley of the Sun United Way is a local nonprofit organization that brings our community together and focuses resources on the most critical human care needs in the Valley. By partnering with businesses, individuals, government and other nonprofits we’re able to monitor the needs of our community and respond quickly as issues or opportunities arise. As a convener, collaborator, funder and leader in addressing health and human service issues, Valley of the Sun United Way fulfills a unique role in making our community a better place. And thanks to the generous support of more than 160,000 people throughout Maricopa County, we’re helping to improve lives every day.

To build a caring community where all children and youth succeed, families are self-sufficient, neighborhoods are vital and safe, and all people enjoy maximum health and independence.

To Improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community.


Tumbleweed Center For Youth Development - 1419 N. 3rd St. #102 Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Phone: 602.271.9904 | 24-hour crisis hotline: 602.841.5799 | Toll free number: 1.866.SAFE703