Arizona’s Homeless Youth

600-800 homeless youth are looking for a place to sleep tonight in the Phoenix area.


A survey conducted with Arizona State University shows the levels of trauma experienced Arizona’s  homeless youth in the home environment, on the street, or both:

Experience                                                             %

  • Childhood Physical abuse:                               32.1
  • Emotional Abuse:                                              45.9
  • Raped/Molested age 12 or younger:              26.4
  • Raped/Molested age 13-17                              20.3
  • History of Sex Trafficking                                  25.6
  • Suicide Attempt:                                                 22.3
  • History of Self harm                                           44.3
  • Medical Conditions                                            46.3

Of the 25.6% who report a history of sex trafficking, the percentage of each of these experiences is higher.

Approximately 36% report being LGBTQ, and many report being rejected by their families due to their sexual orientation. The percentage of LGBTQ youth who report a history of sex trafficking is 38%

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