“I am grateful to still be alive and I am very grateful for Tumbleweed.”

“Without a home, it has been difficult to plan everyday life. I am grasping the meaning of stability in living and holding employment. By following program guidelines, attending weekly group meetings,  I am learning to become economical and applying daily domestic and business skills in real life situations. I am now able to save some money and plan for the future. My life has been changed far more than our donors realize. Thank you, thank, you thank you.”   –Joshua, residing in youth housing

“Housing has changed my life dramatically. I was forced to leave home because my family did not want to support me or love me. I lacked the skills to survive on my own and Tumbleweed became my refuge. I have been working on the attributes that make a young person productive. I can now aspire to greatness which to me means financial stability, and some day I want to find a way to help someone else who finds themselves in similar circumstances. Programs as great as Tumbleweed are few and far between.   -Erika

“I came here to find my mother but she refused to see me and I had no choice but to be on my own. Without Tumbleweed I would still be on the streets or in a shelter, not knowing what to do with my life. Tumbleweed has helped me become independent in ways my family never did. They have helped me remain on my feet and I am learning new ways to go about things. It is teaching me respect for myself and others, ways to save money and budget, work ethic, interpersonal skills and a whole lot more. I have improved and I am proud of myself for how far I have come. I am grateful to still be alive and I am very grateful for Tumbleweed.”     -Salina, 16, from Boston

“I felt like huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders My life had had a dramatic change and I am so very grateful. Now I am getting to the nursing school of my choice and working on my independent living skills. Following through on the guidance from Tumbleweed has really helped. Going to Tumbleweed was the best decision of my life.”   - Isaiah, abandoned by his family due to his sexuality

“I never thought I would go through such an experience. Homeless, no pride, no confidence, knowing I couldn’t find a job without a place of residence or even a phone number. I thought to myself, “From the bottom I have to make my way to the top.” I went to the library and researched and found out about Tumbleweed. They were genuine and there was a real sincerity behind every question. I was greeted n a friendly way and a huge turning point in my life began. I started to learn to deal with a job and money and roommates and how to treat myself and others with respect. I have my self worth back, my self dignity and more to live for. I pray for this program because we are the youth of this nation and sometimes we just need a chance to get onto the right foot. “  –Anonymous male teen

“I never thought I would be a homeless teen.  I was 17 on the streets sleeping at parks and washing up in restrooms doing anything to survive.  I thought every day, “When will it be my time to go? When will God take me away?”  I finally talked to the police and they told me about Safe Place. Soon I was in a taxi and that ride led me to the path of success. Because of Safe Place I am off the streets, eating every day. They saved my life. I can make my mark of success now. Every teen needs a safe place if going through life’s struggles.”   -Dion, 18

“I was kicked out of my family’s house 2 months before coming to Tumbleweed. I had a job and was attending college. With no place to live (these positive things were threatened). I needed to learn anger management and social skills, and I have learned to discuss and resolve traumatic things in my family life. Thanks to Tumbleweed housing, I was able to continue my job and stay in school plus learn positive ways to cope with my past. I now have my own apartment with a roommate who also works and attends school. Most of all, Tumbleweed provided me with stability and helped me grow as a person.”  -A.R.,  19