Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development

The 5th Street Boys' Home  

This program provides a home, counseling and other services to 10 boys ages 10 to 18.  The boys come to us from the Maricopa County Juvenile Court Center, the Department of Economic Security and the Department of Juvenile Corrections.

Our job is to help prepare them to go back home or live on their own. They are under 24-hour supervision and are on a behavior management system. This system allows them to earn increasing independence as they show greater responsibility and less impulsiveness.

Some boys over 16 may work and everyone attends our on-site school. Everyday our staff offers counseling, which sometimes includes family members, and arranges recreational activities. The boys can also earn weekend passes to go home. They will usually leave our program to go home, live on their own or transfer to our Young Adult Program.