current Objectives of Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development

Expanding Community Awareness and Agency Resources

Increase Community Awareness

Expand Community Resources ~ Continue to expand our base of agencies and entities with which we collaborate, allowing Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development to provide the most for our youth.

Finding ways to grow the organization ~ Identify unmet needs and find ways to address.

Committing to Service Excellence through Training and Outcomes Assessment

Promote and implement effective review and development plans. Encouraging "directions thinking" about the future of the organization with all staff and with significant youth input.

Reward Excelling Performance

Commit to and implement Effective Training

Promoting the Youth Development model throughout the organization

Developing a Culture of Communication and Trust

• Communicate regularly with staff and community partners

Build a culture of Organizational Trust ~ Through participatory management processes that Tumbleweed is a “Learning Organization” engaged in continuous improvement.