Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development

Day Treatment Program    

The Day Treatment Program is run in partnership with Florence Crittenton and several other agencies through the Maricopa Alliance for Juvenile Corrections (MAJC) partnership venture. It is a Day Treatment Program for up to 20 delinquent males who have been committed to the Department of Juvenile Corrections and will transition back into the community. Major service areas include:

Education: An on-site school provides instruction to youth, including GED preparation, competencies needed to return to public school or basic literacy skills. Small classes with individual attention and non-traditional approaches to learning assist youth in overcoming barriers and moving positively toward goals.

Life Skills Training: Through group and individual instruction and constant monitoring of behavior, the youth are taught skills needed to prevent further contact with the juvenile justice system. These skills include: behavior control skills, such as anger management and impulse control, goal setting, life planning, time management skills and skills of independence such as budgeting, apartment living, shopping and use of public transportation.

Counseling: Youth meet regularly with professional counselors to assist them in coping with personal and family issues. The counselors attempt to engage families in preparation for the youth's return to the family.

Job Development: A Job Developer works with the youth to assist them in obtaining and maintaining employment. This includes: job readiness groups, development of positive work ethics, acceptance of authority and post-employment support.

Leisure Skill Development: Youth participate in a variety of leisure activities including sporting activities, cultural activities, holiday events, etc. The goal is for the youth to develop positive hobbies and interests to fill time previously spent in anti-social activity.