Frequently Asked Questions about Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development in Phoenix Arizona

General Information

Who do we serve?

What services do we provide?

What can you do?

What volunteer opportunities do we have?

What employment opportunities do we have?





When was Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development founded?
Tumbleweed is a private, non-profit corporation that has been providing direct service to runaway and homeless youth since 1972.

What is Tumbleweed’s mission?
To provide a safe space for collaborating with youth and young adults in our community who are vulnerable or experiencing homelessness. These safe spaces will allow access to caring relationships, resources, and programs that offer opportunities for young people to develop their individual potential.”

Where are you located?
Tumbleweed operates eleven programs throughout the Phoenix area. Administrative offices are located at 3707 N 7th Street, #305, Phoenix, Arizona, 85014

What makes Tumbleweed unique?
Tumbleweed is the only program in Maricopa County that offers shelter services to non-system youth.

What is Youth Development?
The positive youth development approach promoted by Tumbleweed suggests that helping young people to achieve their full potential is the best way to prevent them from engaging in risky behaviors. When youth have the chance to develop caring relationships, have high expectations and opportunities for participation, they gain self confidence, trust and practical knowledge that helps them grow into healthy, self sufficient adults.

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Who Do We Serve?

Who does Tumbleweed serve?
Tumbleweed serves, abused, abandoned, neglected, troubled and at risk youth ages 12 to 25 who are homeless, runaway or still living at home but in crisis.

How many youths do you serve each year?
Tumbleweed serves approximately 1,900 youth each year - 39% male and 61% female. The ethnic breakdown is: African American 13%; Caucasian 49%; Native American 5%; Asian/Pacific Islander 1%; Hispanic 31%; other 1%.

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What services do you offer?
Tumbleweed offers case management, counseling; high school, and GED educational services; vocational, job development and employment services; short and long term shelter; transitional living; outreach; drop in center services; and family reunification.

How can youth access services?

Any youth can go to a Quick Trip service station or Arizona Federal Bank that displays a SAFE PLACE sign and tell the employee that you need help. They will call Tumbleweed.

• During the day, a youth can walk into one of our 2 Drop in Centers:

(1) Phoenix Drop In Center in Central Phoenix at 1641 E. McDowell
Tempe Youth Resource Center in Tempe at 17 E. 7th Street

• The crisis line is available 24/7 where someone will talk with you and help you access services
at 1-866-SAFE 703.

Do clients pay for services?
No. Youth and their families are not expected to pay for services they receive at Tumbleweed. The Transitional Living Programs teach money management to the resident by expecting a percentage of their earnings to be held in a trust account managed by the agency. When the youth leaves the program, their money is returned to them with interest.

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What Can I Do?

What should I do if I see someone on the street that could use Tumbleweed help?
Tell them about Tumbleweed! Our toll free number is 1-866-SAFE-703

How can I help?
There are many ways to support the work of Tumbleweed. Make a financial contribution, volunteer your time, donate in-kind gifts such as clothes, gift cards, bus tickets, remember Tumbleweed in your estate planning.

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Do you have volunteer opportunities?
Yes, please read our volunteer page for Tumbleweed’s criteria and then go to the individual programs for the current opportunities where available.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?
21 years

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How do I find employment with Tumbleweed?

• Come to the Administrative Office and complete an application.
• Fill out the application online through our “Employment” page.

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