Phoenix AZ  (February 3, 2016)  Head Coach Dan Majerle and the The Grand Canyon University Antelopes men’s basketball team will do more than challenge the visiting team from Missouri-KC on February 18th in Phoenix. They will also take on youth homelessness in the Valley.

A special Tumbleweed Night featuring FREE and UNLIMITED tickets for any and all Tumbleweed supporters will feature pregame family activities such as food and face painting, a Tumbleweed video, and the presentation of a financial gift from GCU to help Tumbleweed end homelessness among young people in the Valley.

Pregame activities start at 5 p.m.  Tip off is at 7 p.m. at the GCU campus at 35th Avenue and Camelback.

Grand Canyon University Antelopes games are gaining a reputation as exciting, energetic family events.

“Tumbleweed and Grand Canyon are in the early stages of a relationship to tackle youth homelessness and the game is an opportunity for Tumbleweed to show our enthusiasm for a new partnership,” said Tumbleweed CEO Cynthia Schuler. “Please come and bring your family, friends, sports team or social group.  Tickets are free!”

“It is a great family night out that is not only free, but takes place in a fun, wholesome atmosphere,” she added.  “It is an opportunity for an entertaining family or school group activity and to show your support for Tumbleweed.”

“It also introduces young people to great role models in the Grand Canyon players and to a local university campus that is dynamic and growing,”  she added.

Grand Canyon University is expanding its commitment to help build strong neighborhoods in the area around campus and to address pressing social issues, such as youth homelessness.

Though you can reserve tickets only five at a time, you can order as many times as necessary for your family or group.  Tickets are FREE and UNLIMITED through this link:  Tumbleweed Night