Phoenix (March 17th) Thanks to the generosity of the many people who gave to the @Season For Sharing campaign this year, youth who often have no place to sleep but the streets of the Valley can continue to find shelter in Tumbleweed Emergency housing shelter. We are very grateful, for the second year in a row, to be so honored by the @azcentral, @Season for Sharing, @12News. The Season for Sharing campaign also will help replenish supplies for our resource centers and will help pay for services provided by our Safe Place shelter.

QT Safe Place


Every night here in Maricopa County an estimated 600 to 800 youth, who have no place to go, live on the street and try to survive any way they can.  They live in the shadows and are often ignored.  They hide in plain sight. Most people have no idea how broad or deep the problem of youth homelessness is in our community.


The Tumbleweed Phoenix and Tempe Resource Centers provide youth with a place to rest and eat and an opportunity to get a hot shower and do laundry. While there the youth have an opportunity to talk to a case manager who can help them develop a plan to break the cycle of homelessness and find emergency housing.

A volunteer helps a homeless youth find
supplies at the Tumbleweed Donation Center.

The Safe Place shelter is for youth in crisis ages 12 to 17 who may be running from an abusive situation, sex trafficking or some kind of emotional distress. There are 186 Safe Place facilities in the Valley and Tumbleweed is the agency that provides shelter for the youth who need it. The @Season for Sharing grant is a great asset for continuing the work we do to help youth develop a plan to move from a life on the street to a life with a future.


We are extremely grateful to those who took part in the @Seasons For Sharing campaign and we are honored to be selected by @azcentral, and @12News to receive such an generous grant. The homeless youth we help through this grant will truly have a chance now to grow and thrive.Facebook Twitter