Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development


(Focused On Community, Unity, Success, Education and Development)

The FOCUSED Program provides a home, counseling and other services to six boys, ages 16 to 18, placed by the Department of Juvenile Corrections. The program provides a structured living environment, education and skill building to youth who are transitioning to independent living. The boys stay from one to 18 months (up to their 18th birthday), working closely with our counselor, staff and their parole officer to prepare to live successfully on their own.

An individual treatment plan is developed to help the youth build self-esteem, confidence, self-control and other skills needed to become more productive members of society. They may work on the following areas:

          Anger Management                   Decision Making

          Substance Abuse                      Values

          Self-defeating behaviors            Family Counseling

          Social Skills                              Independent Living Skills Training

          Self-esteem                              Linkage to Community Services

When desired, boys in the program are assisted in finding a community academic program that meets their needs, such as a high school diploma program, GED study or vocational training. Tumbleweed offers a tutoring program until the boys can enroll in a community school. The boys are expected to work full-time or part-time depending on their educational goals. Our Job Developer teaches the boys job readiness skills and assists them in obtaining jobs. Our staff offers social, personal and recreational growth activities throughout the day and evening.

We offer 24 hour support and supervision and 24 hour intake capability. The boys are placed on a behavior management system that allows them to earn increasing independence as they show greater responsibility and less impulsiveness. All boys receive independent living skill training and work towards full independence when they complete their parole requirements. Boys who have families receive family counseling and graduated home passes.