Contact: 602-264-6035 x 32
Population served: homeless Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (GLBTQ) 18-25 years old

Tumbleweed will provide a transitional housing program that will teach the skills necessary for independent living while affording homeless Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (GLBTQ) 18-24 years old a safe, temporary living environment. To assist in the needs of GLBTQ youth under the age of 18, the project will work with a network of foster care resources willing to house this underserved population.

The name of the GreenHouse Project was chosen for two reasons:

FIRST.... our youth are the future of our community, needing to be cultivated with support for their growth.

SECONDLY... we do this to honor Maurice Green, a former participant of 1n10 whose violent and tragic murder we hope to never forget and never have repeated.

GreenHouse Project at Tumbleweed center for Youth Development in Phoenix, AZGLBTQ youth often internalize negative societal Messages regarding sexual orientation and suffer from self- hated as well as from social and emotional isolation. They may use substances to manage stigma and shame, to deny same – sex sexual feelings, and/or as a defense against ridicule and violence.

 In one nationwide survey, over 84 % of GLBTQ students reported verbal harassment at school. Over 39 % of all gays, lesbian, and bisexual youth reported being punched, kicked or injured with a weapon at school because of their sexual orientation while 55% of transgender youth reported physical attacks because of their gender identity or gender expression.

 Many GLBTQ youth report relying on television to learn what it means to be lesbian or gay. In one study, 80 % of these youth ages 14 to 17 believed media stereotypes that depicted gay men as effeminate and lesbians as masculine. Half believed that all homosexual people were unhappy.

The green house project gives GBLTQ youth a safe place to live, positive messages about who they are and positive role models to assist them in learning to love themselves and find success and self sufficiency.

N'Touch April 2009 GreenHouse Project Article

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The Greenhouse Project (and its first Client) have been been featured in a full page article in APRIL'S EDITION of N’Touch Magazine!  

These magazines. can be found for free at a number of GLBTQ friendly boutiques, churches,cafes, stores etc.

THANK YOU N'Touch for telling our story!

  GreenHouse Project & START needs list ...... June 2011

GreenHouse Project at Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development in Phoenix, Arizona

  • Apartment items: (for clients moving into new apartments):
     Pots, pans, can openers, cutting boards, knives, plates, cups, silverware, cooking spoons, kitchen/bath towels, shower curtains/liners, trash cans /bags, furniture: couch, love seats/chairs, night stands, dining tables etc.
  • School supplies:  notebooks, folders, pens/pencils, backpacks
  • Bus passes (for clients to get to and from work/school)
  • Target / Walmart gift cards
  • Beds and bedding (sheets/comforters/blankets/pillows)