A young person accepts a water bottle during a typically hot Phoenix summer day.

August 13, 20105    When the temperatures hit 113-115, you probably give a thought to homeless people, homeless youth in particular, but don’t have a good idea of how to help in the course of your crazy busy day.

Here are a few simple, easy things you can do to help during our heat emergency the next few days:

1)  Get a flat of water bottles at the store and freeze them.  Keep some in your car and hand them out to anyone you see on corners or ramps or medians. By freezing the water, it will stay cool in your vehicle all day, and it will be more refreshing and valuable for the person or persons you are helping.

2) While you are at the store, grab a box of granola bars or other easy-to-keep snack items and hand those out with your water bottles.

3) Gatorade and similar drinks are very inexpensive these days.  Add a few bottles of that to the mix.  Homeless people can add the drink bit by bit to the cold or frozen water bottles you’ve provided

4) Tell others to do the same!  That’s what social media is for.

5) Buy your Sunday Arizona Republic at a QuikTrip store (OK, you have to get out of your car for this one).   The Republic is donating a water bottle to Tumbleweed for every Sunday paper sold at QuikTrip each Sunday through October 4.

6) Feel good that you have done something to help in a real weather emergency.

Thank you!