Phoenix AZ (April 6, 2016)  Tumbleweed youth Nick Ringueberg got an unexpected taste of local celebrity April 6 when he was interviewed on the KNIX-FM morning show with Ben Campbell, Matt McAllister and Brooke Hoover.

Nick has lived on Valley streets for four years, but recently found Tumbleweed.  He told the radio hosts he is working on completing his education and conquering substance abuse issues. Case Manager Erica Marquez arranged for Nick to tour KNIX after learning of his interest in broadcasting. Morning show producer Joe Wallace took an immediate interest in Nick, since Wallace was also homeless and struggling with substance abuse at one time. “I see a lot of myself in you and it means a lot to me to be able to help out,” Wallace told Nick in the interview.

Nick Ringueberg (second from left) with producer Joe Wallace (center) and the KNIX FM Morning Show team

Nick told the KNIX audience that an arrest in his teens led to falling out with his family in Texas. “My mom kicked me out, wouldn’t let me live there,” he said. “I had nowhere to go, no money for food.”

”But I know for sure I have Tumbleweed on my side and I don’t have to worry about where I am going to be at next,” he added. “I can go to Tumbleweed, get a shower and eat and they try to help me get on with my life.”

Wallace encouraged Nick to follow up on his interest in radio broadcasting. “There are opportunities for people who are willing to do it and who have the passion,” he advised. “There are a lot of second chances out there. People are willing to see,” he added.

Hosts Matt McAllister and Brooke Hoover arranged a variety of clothing and personal items for Nick, who said most of his belongings were recently stolen.  They promise to continue communicating with him. “We will stay in touch, we will keep your number,” McAlister said.

KNIX reports more than 20 people contacted the station following the interview with offers to help Nick continue to get back on his feet and build a path toward independent adulthood.

“We all have a new respect for what you guys do at Tumbleweed and can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate the work you do,” Wallace said.