Tumble Center For Youth Development in Phoenix, Arizona - Legacy Creation


By giving through estate plans or life income gifts, you may be able to provide significant gifts that may not be possible during your lifetime, and leave a legacy of caring that will forever be remembered.

  Bequests by Will or Living Trust
A bequest is a deferred or planned gift designated in a will or living trust, and is very personal matter to be prepared by an attorney. An example of how a bequest might be worded is as follows:
“I give, devise and bequeath to Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development, and Arizona nonprofit, located in Phoenix, Arizona, ____ percent of my estate (or $____ or other personal or real property) for the benefit of Tumbleweed and its various programs.
  Life Income Gifts
Life income gifts provide several benefits, both tax and financial, for the individual(s) donating. Examples include charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trust. An irrevocable gift of cash or property is donated, and the donor received income for him or herself (or other beneficiaries) for either life or a specified term of years/ After the life or upon term end, the remainder goes to support Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development.
  Gifts of Life Insurance
If Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development is named both sole owner and irrevocable beneficiary, the contributor is eligible to receive immediate deductions for charitable giving, equal to the policy’s net cash value or the net premiums paid, with additional premiums also being tax deductible.
  Retirement Plan Gifts
By designating Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development as the primary of contingent beneficiary of retirement plan assets such as a 401k or IRA, the donator may realize significant tax benefits as the retirement accounts are exposed to both estate and income taxes. To do so, simply designate Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development as the beneficiary on your plan’s beneficiary form..
  Retained Life Estate
You may be able to realize current income tax deductions by gifting a home or other real estate to Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development, while still retaining the right to occupy, rent or utilize the property during your lifetime. By doing so the property will not be included in your taxable estate.