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They are runaways! They left their homes! Surely they have a home to go to! They can go home if they wanted to! These are often the comments we hear as we advocate on behalf of homeless teens. While some of these comments have some merit, they are more often than not designed to ease our sense of guilt or remorse, these comments allow us to disengage and even make light of plight.

Consider under what circumstances you flee your home. The answer is simple “SAFETY.” Many teens did just that they fled to safety. Many teens are victims of dysfunctional parents or adult caregivers. Many since birth have journeyed the harsh road of adoptions, foster care and the constant moving only to severe old relationship and begin again.

So Why Tumbleweed?
Since 1972 Tumbleweed has expanded to provide more than a dozen direct service programs that provide a continuum of care for over 3000 homeless, abused, abandoned, neglected, and at risk youth annually, ages 11-22. We work with youth and families in crisis.

For detailed information on each program take a moment and travel through our Continuum of Care throughout this site.

Tumbleweed Center For Youth Development -
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