2003 Tumbleweed

Published biannually by Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development, 1419 N. 3rd St. #102, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Issue 15
Summer 2003

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Michael Owelicio is one of the many success stories that flies out the doors of our Pappas Place Drop-In Center. Mike came to Tumbleweed when he was 19 years old. He hitched a ride with his cousin from the Navajo reservation located in Chinle, Arizona. He was angry and detached from his family members that had passed him from couch to couch since he was three.

Mike met with his case manager and set goals to reach employment, housing and counseling to help him deal with his struggle with anger and violence. Within only two and half months, Mike did it! He moved into his first apartment, and now interns at our administrative offices. On top of that he volunteers at the Arizona Department of Administration and is a constant helping hand tutoring other clients at The Learning Center or straightening the clothing closet at Pappas Place itself. Mike confidently states, "Helping others, extreme sports and exercise remind me that I'm human and that's how I deal with my anger" . "Watching him progress and grow as an individual has been great", shares Pat Wood, Mike's case manager.


The Pappas Place Drop-In Center where Michael sought services provides a range of direct services for homeless youth including meals, clothing, medical services, and job development along with case management, which assists these young men and women on long term goals aimed towards obtaining employment and housing.

With days away from graduating the program at Pappas Place, Mike looks forward to new goals. He aspires to attend Phoenix College and major in Business Management. Once his degree is completed, Continued>>

This is a picture of Mike at his internship

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