2003 Tumbleweed
Issue 15
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Recent Developments

Wow, look at the wall! Thanks to Jaron Neal, formerly of Campfire, for visiting The Learning Center over a nine week period to educate Tumbleweed clients about peaceful alternatives to violence. The clients participated in team building activities and communication circles. Near the end of the nine weeks, each client was given an opportunity to participate in painting a mural on the side of the Learning Center facility. The masterpiece viewed on your right is the outcome. Thanks Jaron and thanks to our clients for helping make the world more peaceful and beautiful.


Free Arts of Arizona presented honorable mention to Tumbleweed clients Rauol G., Kyle T. and second place ribbon to Whitney H. for entering their artwork as an exhibit in Free Arts "Sunshine- Rays of Hope" art exhibit in March of 2003. Congrats on your hard work guys!

Tumbleweed would like to take a moment and extend appreciation to our Facilities Maintenance Manager, Josephe Fouts, and our Maintenance Assistant, Gus Valiente. These gentlemen work so hard in making sure our clients have safe facilities and take the time out to pick up large donations. Thanks guys, we appreciate all your do.


On June 19th, Watermill Xpress visited our
Pappas Place Drop-In Center. They donated gallons and gallons of water along with watermill tokens
for our clients to ensure hydration when they are
out and about. Thank you to Watermill Xpress
and their employees that came out to help make
the afternoon a success!