Location: Confidential location, Central West Phoenix
Hours: 24/7
Contact: 602.841.5799 or toll free at 1.866.SAFE.703
Population served: up to 10 youth ages 11 to 18
Average number of youth served yearly: 300

3Open Hands Tumbleweed’s first Youth Crisis Shelter opened in 1975. Services include short-term emergency shelter, individual and family counseling, basic needs assistance, job development, tutoring and skill-building for youth in crisis. Youth may be runaway, homeless or experiencing family conflict or abuse in the home. Four beds serve the long-term needs of youth who may not return home. Services are available to youth who have no family resources and who are not receiving state-funded support through other programs.

Marissa's Story... 2-10-09

Marissa was brought to Tumbleweed’s Open Hands program by Mesa Police Department due to continuous domestic violence calls. After meeting with our counselor, there was a CPS report made. During the investigation, her father admitted to the abuse allegations, he was sentenced and sent to prison.

Marissa, unable to return to her home, stayed at Open Hands while our case manager worked on getting her into Project Challenge military school. Marissa graduated Project Challenge military school at the top of her class and with her GED. Marissa did not settle for just the GED so, she returned to Dobson High School to receive a High School Diploma.   While at Dobson, she was at the top of her class and completed 458 community service hours which helped her to receive a full scholarship to ASU. Marissa is currently attending Mesa Community College for her prerequisites, but is definately looking forward to taking advantage of her scholarship at ASU.  She will be attending ASU for her Major in Child Education.

Marissa has kept in contact with the staff at Open Hands. She feels she was able to get her life on the right track because of the initial help and support she received.  Marissa is a confident, intelligent, inspiring young woman and we are all very proud of her accomplishments.

Volunteer Quote:

“Open Hands gives young adults structure, knowledge and the support to make better decisions in the future… (It) provides an invaluable resource to young adults within our community and I am proud to volunteer and work with their young adults.”
 – Volunteer, Free Arts

Client Quotes:

My favorite thing about Tumbleweed is:

- My problems were being helped to go away and Tumbleweed made me feel better about myself and issues

- How everybody is sweet, caring and respectful and how I can talk to people here

- The staff make you feel wanted

- You feel welcome when you come here

“Before coming here to Open Hands I was a 15-year-old runaway, homeless drug addict… Now I live here, I attend high school where I get straight As (except P.E.!) and am four months sober. Tumbleweed has helped me and many others in really amazing ways. Their resources are really helpful. I really hope that they will stay running as long as possible, helping kids just  like me in the future.” – Client, Open Hands

Parent Quotes:

My favorite thing about Tumbleweed is:

- The program helps families in time of crisis

- That they helped my daughter achieve better goals for herself

- It allowed me a minute to gain my thoughts

- Que mi hiya aprendio muchas cosas buenas de las persona que se encuentra en la casa

- They were there for us

- They understood parents when parents deal with a behavior child.  This was very important to me as a    single parent

- That my child received counseling

- My child’s welfare was the priority

“One year ago my son was having a very hard time with school due to drugs, ditching and gangs. Finally I called Tumbleweed. They gave him a place to live with a structured environment and counseling and school. I love my son very much and I knew that if I left him on the street he would either die or go to jail. Tumbleweed gave me hope and peace of mind.” – Father of former Open Hands Client


Volunteer Opportunities:

Nurse – Nurse would complete client physical assessments on a weekly basis.
Dance Instructor – Dance instructor to teach weekly or bi-monthly dance class.
Music Instructor – Music instructor to teach weekly or bi-monthly music class.
Fundraiser – Fundraising volunteer to help coordinate small program fundraising projects like carwashes, book/music drives, yard sales, etc.
Librarian – Volunteer with library experience to help clients set up mini-library
Mural Painter – Painter will teach and coordinate projects with clients
Tutor – Tutor to ideally run weekly educational groups
Adventure Experts – Experienced volunteer would coordinate client/staff field trips in areas of expertise such as ropes courses, orienteering, camping, fishing and…
Experienced Trainers/Counselors – Volunteer would present at staff meetings and train on topics such as cutting/self-harm, child abuse, bullying, trauma/rape, eating disorders, coping with disabilities, youth development projects…
House Painter – Open Hands building needs interior and exterior painting help
Gardener – Volunteer to work with clients on garden project
Landscaper/Outside Maintenance – coordinate outdoor projects and maintain property