Shaquanda was just 14 years old when she came to Tumbleweed. Shaquanda had become pregnant, and although she had contact with her family and received some financial support, she was required to leave home.
Shaquanda found herself at a private homeless shelter that was primarily for adult males. She was frightened and had no information on how to care for herself during pregnancy.

Tumbleweed was able to provide Shaquanda the opportunity for decent housing and food, access to prenatal and other medical care, the ability to continue her education, and regular group meetings with other Tumbleweed clients.
When her daughter arrived, Shaquanda felt supported and confident. Shaquanda had the determination and discipline to stick with the Tumbleweed programs and maintain her eligibility for help through her teen years. She completed her high school education, learned basic life skills like budgeting and job development, and enrolled in college courses.

Shaquanda is 23 now, and today she works full-time as an independent caregiver; negotiating contracts, paying her bills, and together with her fiancé, focuses on caring for her young family.