Emergency Housing

Emergency Housing offers immediate shelter to 30 young people in the most urgent need.

Emergency Housing

The Emergency Housing Program is Arizona’s only emergency overnight shelter for young adults ages 18-25 and their pets.

This program helps stop the immediate risk of violence, sexual exploitation, malnutrition and mental health dangers young people on the street often face.

Pets Many young homeless people have formed a strong bond with their pets. We recognize pets have been a source of protection and companionship for our youth, so we happily provide sanctuary for animal friends, too.

Facility Located in a former hotel property, EHP opens 30 beds late in the day for overnight drop-in service with the goal of securing safe housing within 90 days.

  • Young people are required to participate in assistance
    programs and to observe strict safety rules.
  • The Program is for overnight only, and young people
    are required to be off property each morning.
  •  The facility is staffed overnight and meals are provided.
  •  The facility opened in 2014 and has resulted in more
    young people getting involved in Tumbleweed programs
    that help them successfully transition to adulthood.

Contributions of food, clothing, water and bedding are always welcome.