Youth under 18 who encounter the criminal justice system have a higher chance of ongoing criminal involvement unless their path changes while they are still  underage.  Tumbleweed operates an alternative to juvenile detention called the Evening Reporting Center (ERC).  The Maricopa County courts have the option of sending juvenile offenders who otherwise might be sentenced to detention to this alternative education program. The ERC is a 6 week intensive supervision program that provides educational and therapeutic programs in a structured environment while ensuring the safety of the community and the juvenile.

The youngster must be referred by a juvenile officer, probation officer or the court.

The course is designed to help the youth understand their feelings, learn to problem solve, recognized risks, such as gangs, alcohol, drugs and peer pressure. They are exposed to positive experiences society has to offer.  Our program introduces the youngster to prospects of college or real world job alternatives.  The goal is to help youth choose a path away from a life of crime. Tumbleweed provides transportation to and from the class and the instructors are highly qualified educators and criminal justice experts.

Once the youth completes the Tumbleweed ERC program ,  ERC instructors follow up to assure youth stay focused on building a productive future.