Safe Place

Safe Place has 24-hour emergency callboxes around the Valley
where teens younger than 17 get immediate help.

Safe Place

Through partnerships with Tumbleweed, Valley Metro Light Rail, QT Stores and others, The National Safe Place organization has installed emergency call boxes at QT stores and all Valley Metro Light Rail Stations. The locations are marked with easy to see yellow signs.

With a push of a button, teens 17 and younger who need help use the callbox to be connected to a Tumbleweed employee 24/7. Tumbleweed will arrange for prompt transportation to a safe, secure residential location… off the streets

Young people alone and away from home experience many unfamiliar dangers. Often they left home for reasons equally upsetting, such as domestic abuse, eviction from their families, or other problems at home or school. Many times leaving home is not a choice they want to make.

Once at a safe location, Tumbleweed youth care workers provide food and a chance to talk and rest. Families or guardians will be contacted to let them know their youth is safe.

From there, the young person, youth care workers, families and other agencies as appropriate will work to provide the support and resources needed.