Street Outreach

Our first contact with many homeless youth is through street outreach.

Street Outreach

Tumbleweed staff and trained volunteers deploy five days a week, contacting young people surviving on the streets, in parks, under bridges and other unsuitable locations in Phoenix and Tempe. We offer food, clothing, water and hygiene items.

Just as important, we begin building relationships with young homeless people who are often fearful or skeptical of receiving help.  Many take their first steps toward stability and a self-sustaining adulthood through these encounters.

Last year, out team engaged with 3,000 youth on the streets, and more than 2400 decided to receive help by visiting Tumbleweed’s two Youth Resource Centers.


QUICK FACT: Outreach is our most effective way of meeting need young people, and we are always in need of supplies such a water bottles, hygiene items and clothing. Please make a donation!