Young Adult Program

With abuse and lack of support in their backgrounds,
young people need guidance to become independent adults.

Young Adult Program

Tumbleweed’s Young Adult Program offers transitional housing to homeless and foster youth who do not have family support or a safe place to live.

Our two Phoenix locations are the only ones in Maricopa County offering comprehensive independent living services to youth under 18 who are not required to be wards of the state.

Our participants often have backgrounds which include

  • Foster care or the juvenile detention system
  • Leaving or being locked out of home due to family conflicts or dysfunctions
  • Coming out of substance abuse treatment.

YAP focuses on returning young people to education at the high school or post-secondary level. Participants must meet work or school requirements to stay in the program.  For many, YAP represents a major step in the transition  to a successful adulthood.

Tumbleweed offers a Supported Community Program in which young people ages 18-24 may identify their own place to live and, working with Tumbleweed, maintain eligibility for services and assistance by meeting Tumbleweed criteria.