As part of its adoption of the Fiscal Year 2015/16 budget in June, the Scottsdale City Council approved $30,000 in General Fund allocations that will help Tumbleweed Youth Development Center develop transitional housing for homeless youth.

“We want to thank Mayor Lane, Vice Mayor Milhaven and the entire Council for their support of services for homeless youth in Scottsdale,” said Tumbleweed Chief Executive Officer Cynthia Schuler. “We are also very grateful for the recommendation to Council by the Scottsdale Human Services Commission.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to help the youth of Scottsdale when they are in crisis,” Schuler added, noting that many young homeless people need temporary or short term assistance transitioning from foster care or dealing with difficult or abusive situations in a home environment.

Tumbleweed has been in operation since 1975 and operates 6 residential facilities and two Youth Resource Centers in Phoenix and Tempe as well as a County-accredited alternative high school. Tumbleweed serves homeless youth ages 12 through 25 with assistance ranging from emergency housing to respite services including food, clothing, laundry/shower facilities and counseling. Other services include family reunification and for older youth, transitional housing, education and life skills training.

A volunteer helps a homeless youth find
supplies at the Tumbleweed Donation Center.