General Questions

How do I apply?
If you want to be a volunteer at Tumbleweed your first step is to fill out our online application and signup to attend a volunteer orientation session (links to calendar). All the required paperwork will be provided at this session. Check out the calendar and find a session that fits your schedule.

What is required for me to volunteer?
Tumbleweed serves vulnerable youth who are overcoming trauma. In order for us to provide a safe environment for these youth we require our volunteers to be thoroughly vetted and trained.
Volunteering at Tumbleweed requires a background check, an application for a fingerprint clearance card, and completion of our training program.

Are there any costs?
Tumbleweed requires a Fingerprint Clearance Card for all ongoing volunteer positions. Applicants are charged a $65 fee by the Department of Public Safety to complete the application. If you do not have a current CPR and First Aid certification, you will be required to obtain a new certification at a cost of $22.

I do not have the time to complete all of the volunteer requirements. Are there any other ways I can get involved?
Tumbleweed has opportunities for volunteers who want to volunteer on occasion, but do not have the time to commit to an ongoing volunteer position. Please check our webpage regularly for opportunities listed as “occasional” or “as needed”.

Are you looking for volunteers now?
There are always volunteer positions available at Tumbleweed. Attend the volunteer orientation session (links to calendar) and learn which programs currently have the greatest need.

I’m not 21 years old yet. Can I still volunteer?
Due to our licensing, we do require that you be at least 21 years old if the volunteer position has direct contact with our youth. There are some non-direct care volunteer positions available for those 18 or older. In addition, we have events and donation drive opportunities for volunteers younger than18.

Can I volunteer with a friend?
Volunteers at Tumbleweed are assigned individually to areas for their service. You can certainly attend the Volunteer Orientation together, do your training together, and maybe even carpool if you’re assigned at the same time! Although we don’t have specific team assignments, we can work with you and staff to accommodate your request.
However, volunteer events are different. Often we have friends and groups that participate together. Some groups participate in events as a team-building activity. Please check our website about upcoming opportunities.

I/we have some items that we would like to donate to Tumbleweed. What do we do? Can we personally give them to the youth?
Thank you – please direct all donations to the Tumbleweed Donation Center (link to donation center page).

Unfortunately, due to sensitive nature of working with traumatized youth and confidentiality guidelines, we ask that volunteers not give gifts and donations directly to youth. Please coordinate any donation or gift giving with staff first.