Aug 20, 2015’s hiking boots. Great for hot pavement and city life!

“Misty” shows off hiking boots on a dirt trail.

Florida-based has donated boxes of booties to Tumbleweed to help pets cope with our urban environment and the heat.
“Many homeless youth have dogs they are very close to,” says Tumbleweed CEO Cynthia Schuler. “Caring for the whole youth means caring for their pet, too, and we are grateful to for their support.”
“We are happy to be helping the pets of our homeless young people,” says Karen Luther of “It gets hot in Florida, too, and we understand the need.”
“Healthy paws are a dog’s best friend,” she added. “Hot pavement and city life can pose a serious risk of injury and owners might not realize it until it has already happened. We know our product will be very useful during a difficult time in the lives of young people and their pets.”
“Having pet-friendly rooms at our Emergency Housing Program is important to helping youth transition from street life,” Schuler says. “We’ve often seen young people share food with their pet, so we strive to keep pet food and other supplies on hand for both our EHP and our street outreach program.”
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