Sex trafficking survivor Leah Rogers addressed young people staying at the Tumbleweed Emergency Housing Program July 2, sharing her story of survival and recovery.

Rogers is a former stripper and sex industry worker who has written an Autobiography called “Game Over: The Story Behind A Sex Trafficking Victim,” released  in May, 2015, detailing life as a prostitute owned by a savage pimp.

Leah’s website and powerful YouTube video have given her international exposure. Through social media, she is approaching one million views.

Leah was raised with a mother who was a heavy drug user and was regularly physically abused by men.  Leah began running away and worked as a stripper to maintain a living for her daughter. It was there that she’d met the man later exposed as a pimp.

Leah worked as a prostitute around the United States, mainly California, Scottsdale, Arizona, Washington, D.C and Texas for almost three years, while being beaten brutally by her pimp even after she became pregnant with his son.

On May 13th, 2011, after disturbing encounters with law enforcement and her pimp’s recruitment of underage girls, Leah got a second chance to turn her life around.