Last Monday our team sat down with Fox News Anchor, Troy Hayden, surrounded by some familiar faces.

We shared the nitty-gritty facts about sex trafficking and how it affects many homeless youths in Phoenix. In fact, studies show approximately 37% of homeless teens have been sexually coerced. During our chat with Troy, we explained Tumbleweed’s role in combating the problem in Phoenix through educating the public and working with sex trafficked clients who need counseling assistance to help them recover from these traumatic experiences, and housing options to set a course for independent living.  Shortly thereafter, Troy interviewed Leah Rogers, a sex trafficking survivor and advocate.

Leah explained that most predators fill a role in the victim’s life, gaining their trust and affection then becoming a boyfriend or a father-figure to the individual before trapping them into a lifestyle they have a very hard time escaping.  She shared her compelling story with Troy and Fox viewers. After the interview, the pair exchanged contact information for future stories and Leah added a few pictures to her Snapchat story.

For more information about Leah and to read the book she’s written about her story and ordeal with sex trafficking visit: